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    Meghan McGriff
    Edgar Almendares
    Leslie Almendares
    Patti Alvarado
    Annette Armstrong
    Ralph and Bonnie Cameron
    Craig Carter
    Michelle Carter
    Amanda Cartwright
    Dean Cheshire
    Kerry Childers
    Dennis Clayton
    Martha Cornelius
    Don Daley
    No Agent
    Tony Espetia
    Jennifer Fancher
    Lauretta Fogg
    Shea Fraze Shrimpton
    Kristine Glenn
    Howard Gordon
    Patrick Hare
    Corey Harris
    Alex Henry
    Ralph Hilliard
    Donavaun Horne
    Shari Houston
    Claire Jacobson
    Greg Johnson
    Kris Kelly
    Jacqui Knowles
    Brett Laing
    Joanne Lawlor
    Roslyn Levy
    Lynn Lewis
    Jean Louis Jacques
    Marion Mark
    Anne Marie Mattison
    Tony Mele
    Logan Mosher
    Bailey Parker
    Cameron and Cameron Partners
    Dena Perry
    Wayne Perry
    Margaret Posey
    Perry Pursell
    Nell Page Rainsberger
    Brent Riley
    Gail Riley
    Jeff Rimes
    Wanda Robinson
    Luis Rodriguez
    Bill Saunders
    Lynne and Bill Saunders
    Rana Schafer
    Shasta Schoellhorn
    Neha Sharma

    Neha Sharma

    Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Punjabi
    Toba Smith
    Shawn Spence-Thomas
    Mark Stern
    Michelle Tell
    Catherine Tyrrell
    Mariella Varela
    Jamie Vascotto
    Bronco Vuskovich
    Susan Wagner
    Susan Walker
    Bill Warinner
    Carly Waters
    Mike Webber
    Daurine Wehbe
    Wendy Wei
    Katherine Williams
    Megan Yaeger
    Michele Zopf
    Norma Adams
    Cindy Birk
    Coleen DeGroff
    Jim Doxey
    Russell Hyden
    Michael LeRoy
    Sandra Lehrer
    Carly Mikell
    Sandra Moorhouse
    Jeff Quigley
    Joann Whitworth
    Lori Willis

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    New Gainesville Listings

    1. 2616 NW 46th Place, Gainesville, FL...

      24 photos
      2br2ba 1,152sq ft
      8,276sq ft lot
      Single Family
    2. 2508 SW 35th Place #D21, Gainesville,...

      14 photos
      2br2ba 975sq ft
      871sq ft lot
    3. 4574 SW 48th Way #103, Gainesville,...

      17 photos
      3br3ba 1,428sq ft
      6.6acre lot
    4. 2010 NE 8th Avenue, Gainesville, FL...

      40 photos
      3br3ba 2,168sq ft
      9,702sq ft lot
      Single Family
    5. 318 SW 27th Street, Gainesville, FL...

      23 photos
      3br2ba 1,910sq ft
      9,306sq ft lot
      Single Family