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    The median home price in Salt Lake City, UT is $599,000. Currently, there are 1,640 homes listed in Salt Lake City which include 304 condos, 0 foreclosures. Get started by checking out the most popular home & the most saved home by Coldwell Banker homebuyers in the last 30 days. When you are ready to explore homes, read what Coldwell Banker agents have to say about Salt Lake City and discover homes for sale in Salt Lake City.

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    2018 Perspective 05/23/2018
    This year Sellers are asking for $49,500 more than the Market. Last year they were asking for only $9,900 over Market. Sellers are overly optimistic. Buyers are not going crazy with high offers. 2018 Actual Sale price is up $20,500 2017 Actual Sale price for the same reporting period was up $80,000 The market is cooling off a bit after a huge surge last year. Buyers are not speculating on the expectation of higher appreciation. A bubble is NOT forming in the real estate markets. April 2018 Sold Prices were $350,500 April 2015 Sold Prices were $230,000 $120,500 Appreciation over 3 years. If you have owned Real Estate over the last 3 years, you have capital you can invest. Use a Home Equity Line of Credit for a down payment. Renter pays the payment and property management costs. You experience appreciation on another piece of Real Estate. Repeat every 3 years / 4 Cycles = 12 Years total. You are now financially independent. Salt Lake City, UT is the 3rd hottest market in the U.S. San Jose, CA is #1 Seattle, WA is #2 Denver, CO is #4 Great Downtown 02/05/2018
    Salt Lake has it all. Great food and dining. Tons of shops. Wonderful venues for Live music. University of Utah and Westminster College.

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