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    Marina Neighborhood in SF 09/04/2018
    The Marina neighborhood in SF is filled with a plethora of great restaurants and shops! San Francisco is full of microclimates where ever you go and the Marina offers more sunshine and warmer weather compared to other neighborhoods in the city. One of the most popular streets in the Marina is Chestnut Street - great restaurants and shops all up and down the street. Lets start with Mamanoko, a Japanese restaurant on the west block of the street - offering great sushi and cocktails. Stop over at Reed & Grenough for an amazing cocktails like a classic greyhound made with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. Don't forget the amazing cupcakes at Kara's Cupcakes and Susie Cakes. In the mood for a margarita and tacos, go visit Tacolicious. In the mood for Pizza... Delarosa has great pizzas and local beers on draft. Other great restaurants - Pacific Catch, Izzy's, Parma, Tipsy Pig, Blackwood, Dragon Well... and the list goes on. For everyday shopping - Marina Market, Lucca Deli, Apple Store, and Walgreens. Chestnut Street has great clothing stores/boutiques, Pottery Barn, Benefit, and skincare stores. So, living near Chestnut Street, you never have to go far for all your shopping and dining needs. On Sundays, you definitely want to stop over at Fort Mason for the Farmer's Market. Such an amazing walk along the Marina Green to get to Fort Mason. There's also a Safeway across the street for your grocery shopping.

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