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    Its Easy To Fall In Love with Oxford, Maryland 09/11/2018
    Oxford has been such a large part of my life that I started to take t for granted. It's an impossibly beautiful, colonial seaport with quiet tree-shrouded streets and historic frame houses. Think "Nantucket" - on a far smaller scale with none of the day-trippers. In the modern era there has been no school here so the residents tend to be older, well-educated urban refugees who come to Oxford for the peace, quiet, sunsets, and tremendous views of the Tred Avon River. Its a sleepy place. Oxfords salad days came and went with the American Revolution. Prior to the War of Independence, Oxford was a busy seaport - shipping tobacco to England. Following the Revolution the maritime trade declined as tobacco was replaced by wheat as the cash crop. One of my earliest memories of Oxford was riding on the Oxford -to - Bellevue Ferry, the oldest privately-owned ferry in the country. This was great fun for a 6 year old boy. It became even more fun when I discovered the local bakery truck boarded the Ferry about 10:00AM each day. My therapist raised her eyebrows when I free associate warm doughnuts and ferry boats. Oxford is all about sailing - especially at the Tred Avon Yacht Club. I spent summer days bobbing around the Tred Avon River - first in Penguins, then in Lightnings and ultimately in Star Boats. The Oxford Regatta each August is a truly magnificent sight filled with hundreds of sail of all classes including the majestic log canoes. There are good restaurants in Oxford. For food and colonial ambiance I highly recommend the Robert Morris Inn. For a younger crowd and more casual dining I suggest the Sunset Bar and Grill. The view of the Sunset from the latter's porch is one of the finest in the world. Looking due west across the Tred Avon, over Benoni's Point, and then across Chesapeake Bay to the setting sun, the sky takes on a palate of vibrant colors. Look hard enough and you may even see the "green flash" as the sun sets below the horizon. Right at the entrance of the Town is the Oxford Volunteer Fire Department - the social and political hub of the town. About once a month on a Sunday morning, the Lady's Auxiliary hosts a Pancake Breakfast fund raiser for which the entire town turns out. Don't miss a visit to the Scottish Highland Creamery. This local craft ice cream shop is iconic. If this all sounds like Norman Rockwell's America, then your on the right track. Careful, the speed limit in town is 25 MPH. Its enforced almost as strictly as the local noise ordinance. Getting a speeding ticket from the Oxford's Policeman was a right of passage for everyone of my generation.

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