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    Why we call Fredericksburg home! 07/26/2019
    My Family and I moved to Fredericksburg, VA in 2017. We did extensive research and realized this would be our ideal location to raise our family. It's about the same distance to DC and to Richmond so you get the best of both worlds. If you work in DC or Nova there are plenty of commuter options. There is also so much to do in Fredericksburg with many local restaurants, trails, and history. There are also quite a few breweries which are kid and animal friendly. Most even host a trivia night, how fun! Since moving here 2 years ago the community has welcomed us with open arms and we couldn't imagine raising our family anywhere else. Where Dreams Come Home 01/28/2021
    Summer Lake Retirement provides Independent Living, Retirement to seniors in Fredericksburg, VA. This senior care facility offers two lakes, fishing, an outdoor pool, a clubhouse, community events, and a 24/7 guard with a gate. For The Love of This City...Fredericksburg, VA 05/07/2019
    I stand surprised that even with my constant touring of this city for over 9 months there's more! Of course, y'all know I LOVE Fredericksburg Area Museum where they hold some amazing exhibits and Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts (FCCA)where the art work is from local artists along with the random and impressive art work that decorates the building and streets. Let's not forget the amazing history this city holds and its unique coffees shops such as Katora Coffee, never forgetting to eat a taco or some avocados stuffed with goodness Juan More Taco FXBG or if you want a authentic Italian meal head to Orofino Restaurant. The reality of it all is that in this little gem of a town some places are so obscure, little doors lead to amazing unforgettable experiences and let's be real visitors only come for a weekend usually fully scheduled. Which in fact if you have some more time please make it a point to get pampered Piel Bella Day Spa with Jen Robinson and Victoria Rodriguez whom will spoil you from head to toes! Well, here's some direction to give your guests, family, friends to tour the town of #Fredericksburg in 24 hrs and please remember that if you end up falling in love with this city such as I have you can always contact me #SmartJoanRealtor to show you around the town! ENJOY! There is so much to see and do in the historic town of Fredericksburg, VA! Travel on the @SunkenRoadWalkingTrail and learn about the Civil War Battle of Fredericksburg Pay your respects to the mom of the Father of our country and visit Mary Washington's Monument Check out Fredericksburg's murals Grab coffee and a freshly baked sticky bun at Eileen's Bakery & Cafe Visit the Hugh Mercer Apothecary ShopMuseum to learn what makes a leech happy Browse the antique stores lining Caroline Street Get a malt or a shake at Goolrick's Modern Pharmacy Grab a mid-day pick-me-up at Hyperion Espresso Visit the Fredericksburg National Cemetery and pay your respects to the men who fought to preserve the Union Learn about the perils of 18th century travel at the Rising Sun Tavern Museum Have an after-dinner caipirinha at Curitiba Art café Eat in an old bank vault at FoodE Learn about the sit-in civil rights protest that finally integrated the lunch counters at Woolworths, Peoples and Grants Department Store on Caroline Street Take the trolley car tour and learn about the interesting history of Fredericksburg Take a selfie at Fredericksburg's very own LOVE sculpture Follow the footsteps of Mary Washington and walk down Rocky Lane down to the Rappahannock River Shop the world at Latitudes Buy your dog a bone at Dog KrazyKrazy Learn about George Washington's mom at the Mary Washington House Check out a craft beer brewery, like 1781 Brewery Have a hot slice of pizza at Benny Vitali'sitalis Cross the Rappahannock River to visit George Washington's childhood home at Ferry Farm Check out some regional wineries such as @PotomacPointWinery and Wilderness Run Vineyards Learn about our fifth president at the James Monroe Museum

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