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    The median home price in Bradenton, FL is $532,332. Currently, there are 2,372 homes listed in Bradenton which include 532 condos, 6 foreclosures. Get started by checking out the most popular home & the most saved home by Coldwell Banker homebuyers in the last 30 days. When you are ready to explore homes, read what Coldwell Banker agents have to say about Bradenton and discover homes for sale in Bradenton.

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    East Manatee Discovered! 04/05/2018
    Bradenton has been discovered, as you might see by the new construction, highway Improvements, and development of the Lakewood Ranch Master planned community. These communities share the 34202 and 34211 zipcode that Lakewood Ranch does, but are not part of the Master Planned community. East of I-75, the neighborhoods surrounding Lakewood Ranch include: ¿ Braden Woods ¿ Greenfield Plantation ¿ Greyhawk Landing ¿ Heritage Harbour ¿ Mill Creek ¿ Panther Ridge ¿ River Club ¿ Rosedale ¿ The Concession ¿ Waterlefe The Buzz in Bradenton 06/07/2019
    Bradenton, Florida is a growing city with a lot of great pocket areas to see. Bradenton has a small town feel to it as well as a buzz of growth with its focus to revitalize the downtown area. Their are many different types and styles of neighborhoods in Bradenton from beach life and vacation homes, to secluded neighborhoods with mature trees. If you're ever in the Bradenton area, swing by Shake Pit! Its a dessert and burger spot that has a lot of history from Bradenton wrapped in to it. A personal favorite of mine! Living in Bradenton Florida 09/16/2017
    Bradenton is a city located in the West Coast of Florida and it offers a variety of settings for people looking into experiencing different lifestyles.

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