Trends in Green Design & Sustainability

    Trends in Green Design & Sustainability

    Sep 07, 2021

    How much does sustainability and green design matter to you when it comes to your home? Some experts say that green building is one of the fastest growing fields in the US at this time.

    As more and more consumers adopt eco-friendly practices, it is likely that we will continue seeing green trends in the housing market.

    A study from asked some of the top experts in the construction industry to weigh in on the interest of the average homeowner in eco-friendly homes and sustainable designs.

    The survey also looks at how these individuals are embracing and adapting these methods in their own properties.

    Check out these key takeaways from the report.

    • More than 90% of experts agree that interest in green home design is increasing
    • Millennials are the most interested demographic when it comes to sustainable and green building home design
    • High-recycled materials content and bamboo are the most requested sustainable building materials
    • Conventional HVAC systems with high EER/SEER are the most popular green systems
    • Generators and rainwater collection systems are the most requested off-grid features

    Does any of this information surprise you? Which green energy features are you most likely to invest in for your home? Want your next home to incorporate green energy features? Ask your Coldwell Banker Wallace agent to guide you through the next purchase or sale!