Energy Awareness Month Tips for Your Home

    Energy Awareness Month Tips for Your Home

    Sep 08, 2019

    Did you know that October is National Energy Awareness Month? Here at Coldwell Banker Wallace and Wallace, Realtors, we thought we would share some ideas for saving energy while getting your home ready for the chilly months ahead.

    Everyone is always happy to save a few dollars on their expensive energy bills, right? By using some of these tips, you can potentially decrease your impact on the environment and save some money at the same time.

    Curtains - Soak up some natural warmth by opening your curtains during the day to allow in the sunshine (especially those on south facing windows). Then close them at night to provide some extra insulation from the cold.

    Another tip is to buy curtains that reach all the way to your floor, even some that bunch up on the floor, to maximize their effectiveness. You can also get curtains designed to insulate your windows.

    Windows - As winter weather approaches, now is the time to begin thinking about getting your home ready. And this includes windows since they are a large source for cold air coming in and warm air escaping.

    Seal your home’s windows up with simple plastic sheeting and tape to reduce your home’s precious warmth leaking out of them. The only downside is you won’t be able to open your windows, so plan accordingly.

    Thermostat - Turn it down ten to fifteen degrees for eight hours a day (at night), to decrease your overall yearly heating bill by ten percent according to the department of energy.

    Also, dial it down as far as you can without getting uncomfortable the rest of the time to maximize your savings. Compensate with sweaters and slippers to beat the chill.

    You might want to think about installing a programmable thermostat in your home. This will allow you to set the temperatures to lower degrees while you are away and then schedule them to slowly warm up around the time your family gets home in the evening. Set it and forget it!

    Seal Leaks - Weatherstrip around leaky windows and doors can be a huge energy saver. Apply with simple caulk and stripping. Hold a lit candle around doors and windows to look for leaks (just be safe with an open flame at all times inside your home).

    Fireplaces - It’s wonderful to have a roaring fire in the winter, but make sure to use your fireplace in a way that is efficient and effective.

    Keep your damper closed when your fireplace is not in use. An open damper is just like an open window according to the Department of Energy.

    These are just a few tips for keeping your home warm this fall. Some experts say we can expect a pretty cold winter. Don’t find yourself caught unprepared!

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