All About the Hands Free Driving Law in Tennessee

    All About the Hands Free Driving Law in Tennessee

    Jun 25, 2019

    Phones used to be something that hung on the wall in the kitchen. Now, they live in our pockets or in our handbags, ready at a moment's notice to connect us in all the ways that weren't possible before.

    Mobile phones are a great tool for traveling, but Tennessee drivers can expect big changes with the new Hands Free Law that goes into effect July 1, 2019.

    So what does the new Hands Free Law mean for you?

    First, it makes it illegal for Tennessee drivers to hold a mobile device with any part of the body.

    That means no holding your phone for talking, texting, or using social media while behind the wheel.

    Breaking this new law could lead to a class C misdemeanor and cause the driver to receive a moving violation.

    Here are some important things to know:

    Under the new Hands Free Law, you are not permitted to do the following:

    • Hold a cell phone or mobile device with any part of the body
    • Write, send or read any text-based communication
    • Reach for a mobile device in a way that requires the driver to no longer be seated or properly restrained by a seat belt
    • Watch a video or movie on a mobile device
    • Record or broadcast on a mobile device

    Here's what you can do under the law:

    • Drivers can instead use an earpiece, headphone device or device worn on the wrist (i.e. smartwatch) to call.
    • Drivers can only use one cell phone button to begin and end conversation.
    • Drivers may send text messages with voice-based communication

    Violation fines include:

    • $50 First-time offence
    • $100 Third-time offence or higher; violation results in a car crash
    • $200 Violation occurs in a work zone while workers are present; violation occurs in a marked school zone while flashers are on.

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