Volunteer and Spread Some Cheer!

    Volunteer and Spread Some Cheer!

    Dec 10, 2018

    With the holiday season in full swing, it's important to pause and take stock of all the things we have to be thankful for. Plus, this is a wonderful opportunity to find ways to pay it forward. For example, not everyone is fortunate to enjoy the same comforts like a warm home or a coat to protect against the cold. And beyond just basic needs like food, clothing and shelter, there are still lots of families struggling to make ends meet in our community.

    We can help fill that void and make a difference by helping the numerous generous charitable organizations around town. Below are some great organizations that can use volunteers in the Knoxville area:

    The Boys and Girls Clubs of Tennessee Valley: This long standing organization is looking for adults who have tender hearts towards children to volunteer. Volunteers can assist children from kindergarten thru 12th grade with their homework or help with children's programs and activities. The Boys and Girls Club has locations throughout Knox, Loudon, and Blount counties and volunteers can make their schedules for as little as one month up to four months. Contact bgctnv.org for more information. 

    The Salvation Army: Since 1891, the Salvation Army has sought to help feed millions of hungry individuals and give aid those in need. There are always needs for volunteers, but this time of year volunteers are needed for their most popular fundraising campaign, the Red Kettle. Bellringers are needed for over 60 locations across the city and anyone can apply from individuals, businesses, church groups, etc. The Red Kettle Campaign raises money for local homeless ministries as well as emergency relief, housing programs, and so much more. Call 865-971-4907 for more information and to sign up.

    For those who love animals, there are several worthy organizations needing extra help. The Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley always needs volunteers and donations of items from the wishlist. Also for those interested in horses, STAR, Shangri-la Therapeutic Academy of Riding uniquely blends horse riding for individuals with disabilities. They need volunteers to also clean and maintain the horses and barn as well as be side-walkers with the horses and work directly with participants. Call 865-988-4711 to get information on this worthy cause. 

    The Love Kitchen of Knoxville provides food and clothing to the homeless, underprivileged, and unemployed needing a little extra help. Volunteers are greatly needed to drive meals on Thursday afternoons to individuals who are homebound with the deliveries usually taking about an hour. With over 3,000 meals being prepared each week, willing hearts are needed to help prepare and distribute food in house. The Love Kitchen promises that in exchange for your time, you will be blessed in return! Contact them at (865) 546-3248 to find out how you can help.

    Recently, a group of CBWW agents and staff volunteered their time at the Restoration House as part of the KAAR Realtor Day of Service. We weeded, planted flowers and generally pitched in to help the Restoration House get things spiffed up a bit. It always feels great to lend a hand. 

    This is just a small sampling of the many wonderful and diverse organizations around East Tennessee in need of your help. Often volunteering takes so little time out of our busy schedules but can make a huge difference in the lives of those in our community. So this holiday season, and every season, spread cheer and lend a helping hand to your neighbors!