Great Ice Cream in East Tennessee

    Great Ice Cream in East Tennessee

    Jul 23, 2018

    **Updated for Summer 2018** Summer is here and that means it’s officially ice cream season. Where’s your favorite place in East Tennessee to get a frozen treat? If you love getting a cold cone or a thick milkshake on a hot summer day, be sure to visit some of these great East Tennessee favorites this summer.

    Coolato Gelato-

    Guess what Coolato Gelato specializes in? If you guessed gelato, or “Italian ice cream”, you guessed right. Located on Gay Street in the historical WROL building in downtown Knoxville, Coolato Gelato has over fifty flavors (18-24 daily) of Italy’s frozen delicacy.

    Gelato is made with milk while sorbetto is gelato made from fresh fruit. Both are divine. Gelato stands apart from ice cream in that it is kept at a warmer temperature and not allowed to freeze hard, therefore having a more robust flavor. If you love ice cream, you’ll love Coolato Gelato. Oh, and if their delicious frozen treat isn’t enough, try the paninis, the cookies, or even a great cup of coffee. They even have a special gelato for your dog.

    Bruster's -

    If you’re in the Maryville area and suddenly need an ice cream fix, Bruster's is the place to be. Featuring amazing flavors and options for shakes, sundaes and more, you’re sure to find the right ice cream for your individual taste. Bruster's also has several Knoxville locations.

    Cruze Farm Ice Cream -

    The fabulous folks from Cruze Farm have done it again this summer with all new offerings, including pizza! Their Ice Cream House and Pizza Barn are open at 2721 Asbury Road off John Sevier Hwy. Stop in for a sweet treat or a pie this summer! The Ice Cream house is open Tuesday-Thursday: 12-9 and Friday-Sunday: 12-10.

    Polar Pan Rolled Ice Cream -

    Thought there was no possible way to improve on an already great classic? The hottest (or should we say coolest) trend in frozen treats is rolled ice cream. Try it out in the food court at West Town Mall with Polar Pan, which allows you to choose your base, mix-ins and toppings to be enjoyed in a unique rolled form.

    Ice cream season is upon us. Get out there this summer and find your new favorite.