Should You Buy a House or a Condo?

    Should You Buy a House or a Condo?

    Sep 08, 2019

    So you want to quit renting and buy a home of your own? This is a big decision and shouldn’t be entered into lightly. There are many options and it’s important to understand them before making a decision.

    You may be trying to decide between buying a house or a condo. Both have their advantages, depending on your needs. Figure out what your priorities are in a home, then decide which fits your wants and needs the best.

    Inventory (Location)-

    First and foremost, you have to decide where you want to live. From area of town to neighborhood, there are always different options to consider. What amenities do you want to have nearby?

    Once you've decided where you might want to live, see what the available inventory has to offer. Did you know that has a complete list of homes for sale, pulling from the entire MLS in our area? Many homes listed on our website have videos, virtual tours and more information for you to explore.

    And if you're working with a CBWW real estate professional, he or she can help you make the most of your search experience by setting up custom search alerts to let you know as soon as homes in your desired price range and preferred area come on the market.


    Condo living, aka planned living developments, or PUDs, may not offer you the privacy a house would. Not only are you likely to live very close to your neighbors, but you will also be governed by a homeowners association, which can dictate all manner of rules and charge fees for community services. However, community living may appeal to you if you want to enjoy the experience of being close with neighbors.

    Buying a house out in the sticks on a couple of acres, or even owning a house in the suburbs will give you more privacy and more control over your decisions concerning your home. Still, many subdivisions have homeowner's associations as well, and many have rules governing various things you can do to your home. So explore all these options before making your final home purchasing decision.


    While you may give up some privacy in a PUD, you definitely get the advantage of less time spent on maintenance. Your homeowners fees go towards things like landscaping, streetlights, and even security guards. Those fees can also cover access to great amenities like pools and parks.

    Owning a house takes some dedication on your part to things like the yard, securing your property, and handling your own garbage and other maintenance.

    Deciding on a condo or a house is mainly about how and where you want to live. Make sure you decide based on what’s best for you!