CB Home Source Paints The Desert BLUE!

    CB Home Source Paints The Desert BLUE!

    Nov 18, 2019

    Coldwell Banker Real Estate Announces Rebrand, Titled “Project North Star,” Previews New Logo Designed to Leave a Mark on the World of Real Estate

    Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC announced a new vision for its global brand and kicked off “Project North Star,” a transparent rebrand. The brand revealed a new logo onstage at the Generation Blue Experience® in Las Vegas.

    The most striking addition to the logo is the star in the top right corner. The CB North Star symbolizes the brand’s position in real estate as a consistent, reliable presence guiding us all home. The new CB North Star mark is a visual representation of the brand’s commitment to excellence. It is clean and simple, yet elegant. It is modern, but still pays homage to the brand’s storied 113-year history. The North Star also symbolizes the Coldwell Banker® network. Even in a new real estate landscape, agents remain a constant, guiding consumers as they navigate the home buying and selling process.

    A transparent rebrand is a bold approach. This undertaking is the brand’s commitment to ingenuity in action, in this case doing things differently for the right reasons. The brand will test the new logo in real-world scenarios providing an opportunity to collect feedback. Based on the results and data collected, the brand will modify and refine materials including marketing collateral, building signs and yard signs to create a final product that represents the brand and meets the needs of the network. In keeping with the transparent process, the brand will release updates periodically on its social channels. The brand believes that this phased approach will best serve its brokers and agents, because it allows them time to plan for the transition that will begin in January 2020, while also giving them a voice in the process.

    Alongside the logo, the brand also announced a new mission statement, “We empower our people to leave their mark on the world of real estate,” and recommitted to its core values – home, awesomeness, ingenuity and excellence. In initial research, agents across many brands had an overwhelmingly positive response to the new mission statement and core values. The mission statement had an 80 percent approval rating, each core value scored between an 86 percent and a 97 percent.1 In initial testing consumers, said the new logo represents an “innovative” brand 80 percent more often than the existing logo.2

    Coldwell Banker Home Source did a launch of the NEW LOGO on Friday Nov. 8th, 2019, CBHS owners Jason and Chris Lamoreaux and the companys Marketing Team went around the desert launching the new logo at each office complete with with Blue smoke, CB cookies, CB balloons, changing out signs, making fun videos, group photos, adding the new logo frame to their Facebook profile photos, posting the new logo, fun shots with their seller’s as they changed out their sign, etc.