How to Choose the Most Important Home Features

    How to Choose the Most Important Home Features

    Oct 01, 2018

    Buying a homecan be a long process. It takes time to get pre-approved, find a Coldwell Banker Grass Roots Realty agent, start figuring out what you want, finding a home, putting in an offer, and so much more! Approaching it correctly from the beginning can save a great deal of time and effort later and help improve your chances of finding the right home for you.

    Make a List of the Most Important Aspects You Want in a Home

    Determining exactly what to look for is often the most difficult part of the home search. Homes come in varying shapes, sizes, different colors, and characteristics. Even homes that look similar can be very different. Paying attention to all of these details can become problematic, causing you to lose focus. The best way to avoid this is to sit down ahead of time and make a list of the most important aspects of the home you want to buy. For example, you likely have a certain number of bedroomsin mind. Maybe you want to be in a certain school district, or perhaps you want a larger kitchen. Some experts recommend making a secondary list of desirable characteristics that you can do without, but would prefer to have, if possible. This list can be longer and used to narrow down choices or decide between homes if more than one is appealing. Keep in mind there are some things that you can either change, fix, or add on yourself later. For example, if the kitchen cabinets are not the color you want, you can always paint them.

    Know How to Identify Cost-Efficient Fixer-Upper Homes

    When evaluating potential homes to buy, experts note that you shouldn’t put too much emphasis on easily altered cosmetic details like the color of the wallsRepaintingmay not be convenient, but it is one of the cheapest and easiest changes to make to a home. Attention might be better focused on aspects that cannot be altered without extensive and expensive work, such as the floor plan. It may also be difficult to ignore the furniture and belongings of the home’s current occupants, but you should remember those items will not be there if and when you move in and make it your own. Of course, if you see a piece you like, you can talk to your agent about working out a deal with the seller.

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