Best Of Smart Homes At CES 2019

    Best Of Smart Homes At CES 2019

    Jan 18, 2019

    The following post is a guest contribution from Angel Piontek, associate broker and vice president of marketing at Coldwell Banker Elite.

    When it comes to experiencing and discovering the latest in consumer technology, CES is an event like no other. The world’s best and biggest companies come together in one place to show off their newest innovations. CES boasts 4,500 exhibiting companies, 2.9 million net square feet of space and over 188,000 attendees.

    As a real estate professional and early adopter of smart home devices, I spent a lot of time in the Smart Home Marketplace at CES. We are experiencing a whole new level of control and interaction with our homes. The Smart Home Marketplace features up-and-coming products, services and companies in this category.

    Here are my picks for the best of smart home:

    Ring Door View Cam

    One of Ring’s most popular devices is the Ring doorbell. It was only a matter of time for Ring to target those without a doorbell – apartment and condo dwellers. Ring’s Door View Cam replaces your standard peephole with a camera and uses some of the same technology as their doorbell cams: motion detection, two-way talk and HD video. It’s battery-operated, so there’s no pesky wires. At CES, they were sure to mention that the battery is located on the inside so it won’t be affected by severe weather. It’s easy to install and remove so you can take it with you on your next move.

    KitchenAid Smart Display

    Whirlpool-owned KitchenAid and Yummly have come together to deliver a smart display perfect for the home chef offering recipes, meal planning and cooking guides and videos. The KitchenAid Smart Display is powered by Google Assistant which means you can also use it to control thousands of smart home devices. Admittedly, I thought that cooking with a smart display was a bit of a novelty until I tried it. Gone are the days of having to clean flour off your screen to see the next step; you can progress through the recipe by voice. What makes the KitchenAid unique is the splash-resistant display – it’s made for the kitchen.

    Nanoleaf Canvas

    This was a fun pick. Nanoleaf lights up your home with ultra energy-efficient LED panels that connect together to create a unique design. Their newest product, Nanoleaf Canvas comes in squares that can be attached to any surface. It responds to music in the room as well as touch. Nanoleaf has designed interactive modes with games like Whack-a-mole and Memory. I love the combination of smart, efficient lighting, decorative display and interactivity all in one product.

    C by GE

    GE introduced more products in the C by GE line of connected devices. They are equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which means you don’t need a hub. Plus, it integrates nicely with Google Assistant, Alexa and Homekit. GE released color-changing bulbs as well as a line of new smart light switches. The C-Start Smart Switchhas a built-in motion sensor, which is great for those late night trips to the bathroom.

    Kohler Smart Bathroom

    For those thinking of building a smart home from the ground up or doing a major renovation, consider Kohler’s smart bathroom collection. At CES last year, Kohler released Kohler Konnect, a line of smart bathroom elements that include a smart mirror, shower, vanity and bathtub. This year, they released Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet. They call it a “fully-immersive” experience with voice-control, a heated seat and music. Its modern design is what you would expect from a smart toilet. Starting at $8,000, you can truly have a personalized toilet experience every single time.

    An overarching theme at the CES Smart Home Marketplace this year is the integration of artificial intelligence and its role in anticipating the needs of its users – and this technology will only become smarter. Understanding the impact of consumer technology in the real estate industry is more critical than ever, and attending CES is the best way to stay on the pulse of new smart home technology.

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