Obvious Signs It Is Time To Move

    Obvious Signs It Is Time To Move

    Oct 23, 2018

    Sellers Market

    If you are seeing more and more for sale signs in your neighborhood, its usually a good sign that the sellers market in your area is heating up. This is the perfect time to contact a local agent who can run a complete home evaluation on your property. Maybe at the right price you would consider selling?

    Your Neighbor Just Sold & Made Big $$

    Ask your local REALTOR about the recently sold homes in your area. Comps are the one of the ways to judge how much your home would sell for!

    Financially Stressed

    Everyone has a different situation and budget. Maybe you underestimated how much the cost of owning a home would be and are looking to downsize to something more affordable.

    You Are Growing But The Home Is Not

    The starter house you got is usually not the best house to raise your family in. Your family usually only gets bigger, while the house you live in is only going to get more cluttered with stuff!

    No More House Maintenance

    Data suggests that homeowners shell out over $2,000 a year on just home maintenance. Things like landscaping, trash, and house cleaning. If these payments are to much, consider a low maintenance condo or a home with an HOA that will handle all these things for you.


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