Bike Riverside - Explore the City on Two Wheels

    Bike Riverside - Explore the City on Two Wheels

    Nov 02, 2018

    Starting today, you can try out Riverside's latest form of public transportation. The city of Riverside is launching a bike share system to help residents and visitors explore the city. Bike Riverside is available 24/7 and can all be done from the website or app. According to their website, there are 7 stations and 55 bikes.

    According to their Facebook page, "Friday, we ride!"

    Once you register as a member, simply walk to a station, choose your bike, and unlock it with your membership card or the Bike Riverside Mobile App. The city hopes that you will use these bikes to go from the Metrolink to visit Downtown for example. This type of system makes sense for the city, as they continue their huge push to encourage people to visit their expanding Downtown. Which we covered with a post on the Riverside Food Lab.

    The city of Riverside is paying for the program with a grant they received from the Transportation Commission, according to an article from the Press Enterprise. Some residents are not as thrilled with the program, as its only covering a small radius in Downtown Riverside. Hopefully the program will begin to increase citywide.

    What do you think about the program? Let us know in the comments below. Should Riverside have adopted a better / cheaper solution with Scooters?

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