6 Common Mistakes To Avoid Before You Move

    6 Common Mistakes To Avoid Before You Move

    May 21, 2018

    6 Common Mistakes That Can Make Your Moving Day a Mess

    Are you getting ready for your first big move? Moving day can be an exciting adventure, but there’s sure to be a bit of stress as well. Thankfully, you can avoid causing yourself major anxiety by planning to avoid some common moving day mishaps. Here are six ways to prepare for your big day.

    Don’t Make Rash Decisions

    Whether it’s buying your new home or finding movers, you need to know you’re getting your money’s worth. When looking for your new home, be sure to look at prices and models available in your desired area. Classic looking, slightly older homes are all the rage right now, but because they aren’t newly built, they may require a little more due diligence than brand new homes. The median listing for a vintage home in Riverside, CA, is $439,000, so be sure your new home fits your taste and budget. If you find yourself in need of repairs or movers, check out reviews and price guides to make sure you are getting dependable help at a reasonable price. You don’t want to trust your belongings, or your home, to just anyone.

    Surrounding cities Median Listing Price:

    Rancho Cucamonga - $486,000

    Corona - $494,000

    Avoid Going It Alone

    No matter the size of your household, trying to move everything by yourself is a big mistake. Having help, whether free or hired, can take a lot of stress off you on moving day. If you don’t have a lot to move or aren’t going too far, check with family and friends to see if they can help. Show your gratitude to them by making moving day tasks as enjoyable as possible. When you can’t get free help or have a lot to handle, hiring movers may be your best bet. You can hire people to just move your boxes and belongings, or you can have the pros take care of everything from packing to putting your furniture in just the right place.

    Don’t Wait to Pack

    Make sure moving day surprises don’t cause you extra stress by packing ahead of time. You can start packing up boxes as soon as you know you’re going to move. Start with belongings that are out of season or not currently in use. Then, start packing up other areas, like closets, garages and cabinets. Leave your most used rooms for last, and don’t forget to pack a “day of” bag. You’ll want to have easy access to medications, toiletries and other necessities while you move and unpack, so keep those items separate and keep them with you while you move.

    Avoid Taking It All

    Moving should be a fresh start. If you have a lot of clutter, now is the perfect time to stop letting it drag you down. As you pack up your house, take some time to sort through the things you don’t need or can leave behind. Put these items in separate boxes, and then find a way to get rid of them. You could have a garage sale or just donate unwanted items to a local charity. Downsizing will make your moving day go a lot quicker and your new home feel less stressful once you’re settled in.

    Don’t Forget About Pets

    If you have pets, you need to think of ways to manage them while you’re packing and moving your home. With so much commotion and so many strangers, pets can get stressed out during a move. Plus, open doors increase the chances that your pet will run away and get lost. Think about dropping your pet off with a friend or finding a boarding facility where they can stay until things calm down. Also, take the time to make sure your pet will be secure in their new home to avoid problematic behavior like barking or digging.

    Avoid Issues With Neighbors

    No one wants to cause problems with their new neighbors. Make sure you make a good first impression by being thoughtful about your move. If you’re using big trucks or trailers, avoid blocking driveways and roads. When you can’t avoid taking up that space, check in with your neighbors beforehand to let them know when you will be moving. That way, no one gets blocked in or wakes up to a big surprise.

    Moving day doesn’t have to be a huge hassle. With a little planning and some forethought, you can forego some of the most common moving mistakes.


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    Contents of this article was assisted by guest author Natalie Jones.