Sam Vail got into real estate over a decade ago after owning a mortgage company and working as a musician. Instantly a success in the Ann Arbor Area market, Sam landed the Rookie of the Year Award at a previous brokerage. "I always knew I had a knack for people, and my love of real estate coupled with my family's background allowed for perfect chemistry." The Vails have deep roots in real estate throughout North America dating back to 1640, with developments from Vail, Colorado, to Chicago and the Big Apple. 

    Sam¿s hallmark includes outstanding customer service and adept negotiations. "I've been a musician my whole life, and you tend to develop a negotiating power through all the hoops you have to jump through just to get on stage." Given Sam¿s double major in economics and business, along with his years of work with appraisers, Sam shines as a pricing strategist and his listings do not stay on the market long.

    His holistic approach to clients means he values ¿going the extra mile and providing more service than just unlocking the door and writing up a contract. I want to be their guide and resource for all things to do with real estate." 

    Sam is a wizard at tracking trends and economics through Coldwell Banker¿s cutting edge systems, as well as through systems he researches and seeks out on his own. His team watches trends and fluctuations in real-time, to stay in tune with the markets within the markets, the differences between what¿s happening in Ann Arbor versus Ypsilanti or Dexter. 

    He values team collaboration and places emphasis on expertise and empathy, ¿not a culture of salesmanship as much as it is a culture of highly developed expertise. Empathy is needed in our relationships with clients: real estate is probably the biggest investment a person makes. We don¿t take that lightly.¿