Ways to Be a Good Neighbor During the Holidays

    Ways to Be a Good Neighbor During the Holidays

    Nov 15, 2022

    There's never a bad time to be a good neighbor, but with the holiday season often comes the desire to do a little bit more for your fellow man (or woman). And why not start in your own neighborhood? We've got some simple suggestions for how you can be a good neighbor during the holidays!

    1) Holiday Sweets & Treats

    Not everybody can bake delicious sweets and treats, but if this is your forte, why not make a few extra things to share with your neighbors? Some families have an annual tradition of taking plates or tins of baked goodies around to the folks who live nearby.

    Plus, it's a great chance to drop in for a quick visit. Especially if you have neighbors who may live alone or not get many visitors. Nobody can resist something delicious and it doesn't take a lot of money or time to make someone feel really good.

    2) Caroling Around the Block

    Maybe holiday baked goods aren't one of your talents, but singing or music is. Pop in on a few neighbors to wish them a Merry Christmas in harmony. This would be especially fun if you have kids. Don't have Mariah Carey's pipes? It's really the thought that counts so belt it out with a lot of heart and nobody will notice! You can even get some jingle bells to drown out your voice.

    3) Keep an Eye on Things

    Maybe your neighbors are traveling for the holidays and need someone to feed the fish, get the mail or just keep an eye on things. This is a great way to lend a hand! Plus, they are more likely to pay back the favor when your big trip rolls around.

    4) Shovel Snow or Salt the Sidewalk

    The weather is always unpredictable this time of year in East Tennessee. Maybe you keep extra salt on hand or have a good snow shovel. If you have neighbors who might need some extra help in snowy weather, this is a great way to spread the love. And if you get more friends and neighbors involved in helping, it will definitely lighten the load.

    5) Offer a Lift

    Some folks don't like to drive on slick roads or after dark. If you have a neighbor who needs a ride, perhaps consider being willing to offer that. If you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle or just feel more confident venturing out after dark, this is a great way you can be a good neighbor to those who might be stranded or shut-in when the weather turns blustery.

    The common theme in each of these suggestions is just to be willing to help. All neighborhoods are different and all neighbors have different needs. But the best way to be a good neighbor is to be willing to share each other's challenges and celebrate each other's successes. We hope you'll take some time this holiday season to spread that neighborly love!