Q. Why Should I Use An Agent To Sell My Home?

    Q. Why Should I Use An Agent To Sell My Home?

    Mar 19, 2021

    I know the market is ! With houses selling quickly, I often get asked “why should I use an agent to help me sell my home?”.

    Here are a few of the things an agent does for you:

    1. We help you determine the homes true value range. Your home could be worth more or less than your neighbors’ for many reasons and an agent will help you muddle through that.

    2. We help you make sure your home is in the condition it needs to be in for the price you want to receive. Your price range can be affected by issues you aren’t even aware of.

    3. We market. This is time consuming and can be expensive. If no one knows your home is for sale, they can't buy it.

    4. We conduct showings. You can go to work, on vacation, or out with friends and people can safely see your house. If your house is priced right, and marketed correctly, a LOT of people will want to see it! More eyes on your home, means more competition, which in turn equals more money.

    5. We make sure buyers are able to buy. Many buyers’ agents only show preapproved buyers and we can make sure you don’t have to leave your house for every tire kicker.

    6. We organize inspections and appraisals for you. You don’t have to be home to let in the termite guy. Listing and buyers agents will work together to make sure the people who need to can access your home as quickly as possible, which in turn sells your house faster.

    7. We make sure you have all the paperwork needed. This is an extra layer of protection for you, as we bear legal responsibility, in addition to saving you time and effort.

    8. We negotiate. We know the legalities and ways to help you get what you want (within fairness obviously) with buyers and their agents when they have one.

    9. We order and keep up with your title work. Titling issues cause delays or even the death of the sale.

    10. We know the ins and outs of home selling and buying, potential legal pitfalls and carry specialized insurance. Not only are we a partner familiar with the process, we are a an extra layer of protection for you legally during your home selling (and buying!) process.

    11. This is the most important thing we do, in my opinion. We troubleshoot and problem solve for you! When things go wrong, we often have solutions that can save your sale. This isn’t such a big deal in a perfect contract (and they rarely are), but absolutely priceless in the face of disaster.

    Please feel free to reach out to me to find out how I can help you sell YOUR home!