Q. What Is Needed To Get My Home Ready To Sell?

    Q. What Is Needed To Get My Home Ready To Sell?

    May 28, 2021

    I often hear homeowners planning to sell their home when they can "get it ready", and they feel they have to do extensive work or repairs to sell.

    Every home exists in a range in which you can expect to sell, not at a point. Comparable homes in age, area and size can vary drastically in condition ranging from cash only investor specials that may be just shy of tear down condition to high end new or newly renovated homes, with top quality finishes and amenities.

    However, it is important to note that even the smallest attention can have big results. Simply presenting buyers with a clean and uncluttered home has a huge effect on time on the market and offer price. Possibly the #1 thing that I find that causes buyers to not put an offer in on an otherwise perfect home is bad odors and filth. I always highly suggest that a seller get their home professionally cleaned if possible. 

    If you'd like to go further, but money is an issue, I suggest painting, and small things like replacing damaged or stained light switches and door handles. Those obvious things can substantially affect the potential buyer's perception of the quality of the home, even though they are low cost fixes.

    If you are looking to do some more costly updates, I suggest focusing first on needed items. How old is the HVAC? The roof? Are there broken windows or holes in the siding? How worn are the appliances? Those items are needed versus wanted items, and can also affect what loan types you can accepts from buyers to purchase the home. 

    Anything above this, take careful consideration. Taste differs, and you could spend thousands on a remodel only to find you have chosen something that doesn't fit with the people who are looking at the home. You could also find that the cost doesn't make sense...there is no reason to spend $15K for a $5K increase in price.

    You are free to choose the effort to put into the home presale. Minimal effort is not an issue provided expectations are reasonable and you are honest as to where your home falls in the range. If you are considering selling, I offer complimentary consultations and home valuations... just knowing where you are can make all the difference!