What does Home Mean to You?

    What does Home Mean to You?

    Dec 18, 2017

    What does Home mean to You? Is a Home different than a House? What images comes to mind when you think of Your Home? How can you turn your House into a Home?


    Home is somewhere you can go to relax, be yourself, surrounded by loved ones and comfort. Home is a place that can make you feel a million miles away in the middle of the hustle of the bustle. Home is a safe place, much more than a house.


    As our dear Niece, Marisa says “Home is comfort, sanctuary and love. Home is where I can gather with my family and friends to enjoy all the moments that make up my life. Home is laughter, memories and the place that milestones are remembered. Home is where I feel safe, warm and can fully be myself.”


    In writing this, I think of the Home that my Husband and I share. I think of the warm, inviting smells, the decorations that fill the rooms, the pictures that adorn our walls and the place we get to share together along with our two dogs. It’s always nice to come Home to Our Home after a long day. Our Home is a sanctuary from the world we live in and a feeling of warmth. 


    Just this past weekend, in preparation for Christmas, I had multiple candles burning, the coffee pot on, music playing in the background and the Holiday lights on while wrapping presents. I love the feelings that come with being at Home. 


    If your House does not feel like a Home, what can you do? Here are a few simple tips:


    o   Burn a candle that evokes feelings of warmth and joy

    o   Hang a few pictures of family, friends, a favorite quote or even a beautiful painting

    o   Clean and tidy up your space. Clutter can make a Home feel like a House quickly

    o   Relax, drink a cup of coffee or tea, read a good book or magazine. Just surround yourself by the moment and Enjoy It!

    o   Have an informal dinner or get together. This could be something as simple as a cookie swap, a Crock-Pot party or cocktail hour.

    o   Hang some curtains, buy a new pillow, paint an accent wall or add a lamp to a corner.


    You don’t have to spend a lot of money to turn Your House into a Home. Go shopping at Antique stores, Flea Markets, Pop-Up Shops or even look after a major Holiday for Sale items. Some of my favorite decorations are passed down from family members or items that I have transformed into something different than what they were on the shelf. Be creative and let your imagination flow!  

    Whether you are looking to buying or selling, we at Team Curtman Coldwell Banker Vanguard, would like to help make Your next House, a Home.