Welcome to Coldwell Banker Sloane Realty of Sunset Beach, NC.
    Having moved 3,000 miles in 2016 to the magnificient Sunset Beach area, I can show you from first-hand experience, the value and the steps of relocating or retiring here. Move to the Beach and never look back. Passionate about the beach, cherish the beauty of the Intercoastal Waterway, and savor the numerous golf course communities. Finding your unique piece of paradise and working in your best interest is my mission.

    My Client Testimonials

    Ann more than exceeded my expectations by going the extra mile in selling my house. Her speed in getting the job done in less than 45 days from start to finish was miraculous, after I had wasted nearly 9 months with another realtor. The best part was her thorough communication every step of the way with me. She is knowledgeable, precise and detail-oriented. She did everything she promised on time and assisted me with many scenarios that were difficult. I would hire her again in a red-hot minute. Clara, Sunset Beach, NC
    Ann Glotfelty is a true Professional and simply the BEST! I would highly recommend her to my friends.
    Ann Glotfelty is very professional. On a personal level, I never felt like I was interfering with anything else and I'm sure at times I was. She made this purchase less difficult for me since I was out of state. She always kept me updated, took extra time to send maps, talk to the county about inspections, and offered information about several options with every decision we made. I'm very thankful for everything she did to make my dream come true. I would highly recommend her to my friends.
    Ann Glotfelty, the lady we worked with was outstanding. She went out of her way to help us and keep us updated on all that was going on. She did a great job marketing our property and making herself knowledgeable about things buyers would want to know. She was sensitive to our concerns and helped us through all the negotiations, inspections and closing. I would and will recommend Ann to anyone I know looking to buy or sell a property. In addition to being a dynamic realtor and was a delightful lady, we very much enjoyed working with her.
    We presented a difficult situation, as we had sold our home in California, and only 2 wks. available to find a home in NC. Thanks to Ann Glotfelty's hard work, we found our new home and opened escrow in less than 2 wks.
    Ann Glotfelty was a Great communicator and very professional. She gave me great advise. I am very satisfied with Ann and would recommend her to my friends.
    When you are buying and/or selling a home you are experiencing one of the most stressful events of your life. Having a REALTOR who is knowledgeable, unprofessional and unresponsive can only make it more so. That being said, Ann Glotfelty is a perfect example of everything anyone could ask for in a real estate agent. My wife and I met Ann at an open house months ago and told her what we were looking for. It didn't take Ann long to pick up on our "vibe" which led to showing us several homes before finally finding us the perfect place. A a businesswoman she is unrivaled. She carries herself professionally, cares about her clients, and does whatever she can to keep a deal moving forward. We had a rather unusual domino transaction going on involving buyers were purchasing our old house, the sellers of the new house and a total of 5 real estate agents, Ann included. Ann rose to the top of the pack as far as her responsiveness, he willingness to head problems off at the pass and her drive to get things done. She is extremely knowledgeable about the area we moved to, whip smart when if comes to business tactics, and unwilling to back down from a challenge or any adversity from other moving parts in the machine. When asked, she even offered us excellent advice on topics that really were not her responsibility. That's how much trust we put in her. A shiny penny in her chosen profession. Ann is by far the best real estate agent I have dealt with in my 54 years. Five stars is not enough!
    Ann's knowledge guided us with our expectations and timing of our sale. We were very satisfied with her! We feel lucky to have had Ann representing us. She was responsive, professional and understanding of our needs!
    Ann was a pleasure to work with! I was impressed with her flexibility in scheduling showings and in her promptness in getting answers to my questions. She is so knowledgeable about the area and found us the perfect beach condo. Ann made the buying process easy, from start to finish! (Melanie Carnes)
    I used Coldwell Banker in NJ and I used Ann Glotfelty in NC and both were excellent. Ann was responsive, professional and understanding of my needs.
    Very satisfied with Ann Glotfelty and Coldwell Banker Sloane Realty. Ann was very professional and kept us up to date. Very knowledgeable and complete. A+++. Ann provided 5 star service!
    We are very satisfied with Ann's service. We are extremely likely to recommend Ann to friends and colleagues. Ann is on top of her game. She knows the business well.
    We chose Ann by meeting her at an Open House and are very satisfied with Ann's service as it applies to our real estate transaction. We are extremely likely to recommend Ann to our friends and colleagues. Annie really listened to what was important for us in a new home. She went the extra mile, doing detailed research on individual condo units we were interested in. When we changed our focus, she found several homes that matches our requirements perfectly. Once we made a decision, which did not take long at all with her help, she was the perfect coach for us as we negotiated issues related to the new home. She has continued to be a partner with us as we get settled into our new home. We highly recommend Annie to anyone looking for help with real estate.
    We chose Ann as our agent by seeing yard signs. We are very satisfied with Ann's service as it applies to our real estate transaction. We are extremely likely to recommend Ann to our family and friends. Ann gave honest advice and she is very knowledgeable of the market.
    We chose Ann as she was referred to us by family and friends. We are very satisfied with Ann's service as it applies to our real estate transaction and we are extremely likely to recommend her to friends, family and colleagues. Ann was patient, informative and professional.
    We met Ann when she was showing an open house in Carolina Shores. We were so impressed with her real estate knowledge as well as her knowledge of Carolina Shores. Knowing we were going to sell our house once it was remodeled, we kept in touch with Ann and placed it on the market the first week of March, 2020. Unfortunately, the country was basically shut down that weekend due to COVID19. While we had a select few view the house during this time, the pandemic really dampened the traffic. During this time, Ann remained positive and kept us up-to-date on the real estate market in Carolina Shores. Her encouragement helped us stay positive as well. Once the market opened up again, a couple from Durham who always wanted to live at the beach fell in love with our home. Ann was very professional in the price negotiation and worked closely with us to arrive at a price agreement. Throughout this process, Ann was readily available to answer any of our questions and to give us professional advice. We were lucky to have met Ann and will recommend her highly to any future clients.
    "After my mother passed in July, I reached out to one of her neighbors for a recommendation for a good REALTOR in the area. She gave me Ann Glotfelty's contact information and from day one, Ann was great to work with. She is very professional, knowledgeable of the housing market in the area, and had good advice for someone (like me) who had never been in the situation of selling a house before. She recommended "muscle" men to help my brother and me move heavy items from the house, someone to wash windows and a painter to take care of giving the house a good face lift. All were reliable, reasonable and prompt in taking care of everything. She held a garage sale for items that weren't taken by the family or thrown in a dumpster and she herself took toxic materials and old electronics to the dump after the sale. The house was on the market only 2 days when Ann called to say she had 2 potential buyers, only 1 she advised we pursue. She worked closely with me and the potential buyer's REALTOR and negotiated a sell price that my family was happy with. Ann was always easy to reach if I had any questions or concerns and she kept me up to date on the profess of the entire procedure. The closing was held only 1 month from the time the house went on the market. I would highly recommend her!"
    We chose Ann as our Sloane Realty agent from Real estate advertisements. We are very satisfied with Ann's service. I would highly recommend Ann, the first time I met her I was so impressed, very professional and always available. We purchased this property with her help 2 years ago. When we decided to sell I knew she would be the person to list it with. She worked above and beyond to see the deal close for us. Hope to buy again in Shallotte in the future. Thank you!
    Very happy with Annie's persistence to sell our house. All in all, it was a good experience and I would recommend her services. We had several starts and stops, but these were due to buyers either not qualified or not able to get funding to purchase the house. (None of which was Annie's fault). She kept us well informed at all times and was easy to work with.
    Ann was able to sell my house in one day, full price offer with no contingencies. I would recommend Ann to sell your home for you too. She works and looks out for you and does a good job.
    We chose Ann as our Sloane Realty agent because we met Ann when she was holding an open house for a neighbor. We are satisfied with Ann's services and are extremely likely to recommend her to friends and family. Ann was very patient while working with us and only had us look at houses that she knew would meet our needs.
    We chose Ann as our Sloane Realty agent through family and friend recommendations. We are very satisfied with Ann's service as it applies to our real estate transaction and are extremely likely to recommend her to family, friends and colleagues. Ann was professional, knowledgeable, and quick to respond to our questions and/or concerns. Ann is very patient and likeable.
    It has been an amazing pleasure working with Annie. From start to finish she "held our hands". We had some challenges along the way, which although to be expected, is not easy when you're selling a beloved home. Annie was always calm, professional and her ethics are above board. Highly recommended for all your real estate needs.
    It was truly an HONOR AND PRIVILEDGE to work along side Annie in my home buying process. She is extremely diligent and knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate. In addition she is just a wonderful person with a caring and empathetic spirit to make for an A++++++ experience. What a pleasure.
    Ann, from the bottom of our hearts we thank you for making our dream homes come true as we "now live in paradise!" Your professionalism and help are appreciated more than you can imagine...plus we gained a new "friend" in this whole process! Thank you again!
    We chose Ann as our Sloane Realty agent through family and friend recommendations. We are satisfied with Ann's service and are likely to recommend her to family and friends as she was very knowledgeable.
    Ann has been great. Very professional and extremely knowledgeable. She was a pro. We had a difficult transaction which she made seem easy. Our only regret is that we didn't have her before this one. Five Star Rating!
    We chose Ann as our Sloane Realty Agent since I knew her from doing work for her to sell a house for her. We are very satisfied with Ann's services and are extremely likely to recommend Ann to friends and family. I would recommend Ann to others which I have done already. I will give her name out to people in a second and tell them how amazing she is! Ann is not just my REALTOR, she became a very good friend.
    "Ann was the best! Throughout the whole process, Ann listened to us and what we wanted. We explored the area and got to know the different communities and were able to narrow down our search. Her expertise and guidance were critical in navigating the very competitive real estate market. We were working from a distance and Ann was able to do a lot of the legwork and would check out a home to make sure she thought it would work for us. She acted quickly and with our best interests in mind. I believe without a doubt that her knowledge of the area, the market, and her real estate expertise were invaluable in our success in finding not just any home, but the right home for us. I don't hesitate to say Ann Glotfelty has been the best real estate agent we have had the pleasure of working with."
    "Ann has a wealth of knowledge about Sunset Beach and the surrounding area. With her knowledge, we were able to weigh out the pros and cons of different types of properties. Even though we changed our minds several times, she worked tirelessly to match us up with just the right property and in the end, we got exactly what we were looking for and in our preferred neighborhood. We highly recommend Ann for your real estate needs!"
    Ann was extremely helpful in our journey to purchase a place at the beach. We had no immediate time table, so she took us to many showings. She was very helpful explaining the pro's and con's of each unit we visited. She listened to our comments and conversations about our likes and dislikes and together we developed a list of the features we were looking for in our place . She was most patient with us, encouraging and supportive all along, and helped us find our ideal place. She guided us through the process of finalizing our purchase. It was our pleasure to work with Ann.
    We chose Ann as our Sloane Realty Agent through family and friend recommendations. We were very satisfied with Ann's service as it applies to our real estate transaction and we are extremely likely to recommend her to friends and family as well! Ann was easy to work with and knowledgeable of the areas we were interested in.
    I was an absolute pleasure working with Ann! She helped us find our perfect new home in Carolina Shores. She understood what was important to us, found great properties to look at and always kept us informed. She's personable, reliable, very responsive and knowledgeable. Ann helped ensure our buying process was smooth and efficient from beginning to end. We highly recommend her!
    Stopped into Coldwell Banker Sloane Realty looking to explore an area we hoped to retire. We had no idea we would find "The Place" on our first trip. We still had 2 years until our daughter graduated from college. Ann is personable, easy to work with and knowledgeable about the area introducing us to the many different communities available. She was responsive to our requests and pointed out pros and cons of each, in fact she understood our needs before we did! In a fast moving buyers Market, Ann helped us to purchase the lot of our dreams close to the beach that we could build on when we are ready. We would highly recommend Ann Glotfelty!
    Ann took the time to really understand our needs and listened to our goals. She really made us feel relaxed and at ease about the home buying process in a busy and fast paced market. Ann took the extra steps to make sure all aspects of the inspection and repairs were done efficiently. Best realtor we have ever worked with, period!
    We chose Ann as our Sloane Realty agent from a Just Sold postcard mailing we received. We were very satisfied with Ann's service and are extremely likely to recommend her to friends and family. Ann is the poster child of what a real estate agent should be! So knowledgeable and extremely helpful! My property was just vacant land but in her hands you would think it was a multi-million property!
    Ann, I want to say thank you and tell you that you exceeded all my expectations! I appreciate the fact that you stayed the course after a few setbacks. Thank you for going the extra mile in the sale of our property. I could not have asked for a better agent. Wish you continued success in your future transactions.
    "I live in Ohio but was looking to sell my condo in Calabash, NC. Based on reviews and a recommendation from a local real estate agent, I called Ann. After talking to her I could tell she was very qualified and what I was looking for. She had to view my place with my tenants that were moving back to the northeast in May. They had lived there for 11+ years. The place needed a major upgrade prior to selling. Not only did she have recommendations on what needed to be done to sell the unit at top dollar, like new flooring, new paint throughout, thorough cleaning and to furnish the place she had a solution for each of these. From going to Home Depot to get pricing on vinyl flooring, trim and the paint, she secured contractors to do each task. She managed the process from beginning to end. Mind you, I was still in Ohio when all this was being done. By the time I arrived, the property was painted, had new flooring and it was clean. It looked brand new. Next phase was to furnish the unit as it would be more attracted to buyers. She did all the work from getting living room furniture from my neighbor, donating the dining room tables/chairs, desk, dressers, and both a queen and king size beds. She worked endlessly to have the furniture moved in, putting together beds, decorating it, changing light bulbs, cleaning fans and hanging pictures. She did a fantastic job furnishing it. She was definitely knowledgeable, masterful and responsive. The communication of all phases was impeccable. She is a true professional."
    5 Star Review! Working with Ann was an absolute pleasure. She helped us sell my Mother's home. She is extremely professional and very personable. She was able to answer any and all of my Mother's questions and put her at ease with the entire process. Ann is committed to her craft and we highly recommend her and will use her again if needed.
    We were recommended to Ann through family, friends and a neighbor. We are very satisfied with her services and are extremely likely to recommend Ann to friends and family. Ann helped us all the way. She kept us informed what was going on and helped us make the right decision at the right time and was great to work with!
    Ann was recommended to us by family and friends. We are very satisfied with Ann's service as it applies to our real estate transaction. We are extremely likely to recommend her to friends and colleagues. I would highly recommend Ann Glotfelty. You can be sure she has your best interests as her priority. Her knowledge of the intricacies involved with dealing with a large builder was reassuring.
    Ann represented the property with full knowledge. She was in touch with both the seller and us the buyers all the time to make sure everything went smoothly for the closing. I would highly recommend Ann to anyone who wants an honest Real Estate agent.
    Ann went over and above from the very beginning. I interviewed 4 agents and she immediately stood out. The follow-up proposal she sent me was so incredibly detailed - like nothing else I received from others. She delivered good news fast and bad news faster - always with suggestions on how to best move forward. She had a solid line-up of professionals ready to tackle any job when getting the house ready for market and was very cognizant of my budget. Working with Ann was nothing less than an amazing experience. I could go on and on about how she put me at ease while trying to sell this house from 600 miles away. I can't recommend her enough!
    We consider ourselves to be blessed to have had Ann Glotfelty as our real estate professional. We are out-of-state buyers, and Ann acted on our behalf time and time again. She worked hard to develop, again via long distance, a sense of our needs and goals. When we finally met to begin our search, every home was right on the mark! No time was wasted trying to get Ann to understand what we wanted from our new home. When it came time to execute a purchase, Ann was an expert, fair, and respectful negotiator. Once we came to terms with the sellers, Ann secured local, reputable contractors to perform inspections and offer estimates for repairs. We have full faith and trust in Ann. The transaction was a bit tricky due to the sellers needing to lease back the property. Again, Ann helped us through that process in a way that was fair to all involved. Ann is a dynamic, personable, consummate professional. We are so thankful to Ann Glotfelty for her hard work, which started upon our introduction and has continued post settlement. We have already referred Ann to one of our friends who is thinking of relocated to North Carolina. We think anyone who gets the opportunity to work with Ann will find themselves in caring and competent hands.

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