Jane grew up in the Midwest where hard work and integrity were an integral part of the culture. She embraced those values throughout her life and those values have been a big part of what has made her successful. In the previous companies she worked for in the past, she quickly rose to leadership positions and eventually made her way to the East coast taking on an executive role with a major corporation.

    The skills that brought her to the executive positions are the same skills you can depend on as a client. Whether it's strong communication skills or tough negotiating tactics, you can depend on her to provide the best quality service for you. If you are buying or selling a house, there's no question there's a myriad of details that you need to understand. Her teaching degree has come in handy in many transactions! She will walk you through everything you need to know to stay in control of the process.

    While real estate is a second career for her, she feels that it's been a true calling. She has excellent reviews from her past clients and has often helped both sides come to agreement so all parties can have a win/win at the settlement table. She loves sharing her client's excitement whether they are buying their forever home, downsizing into a smaller space after the children are raised or buying their first home to start their new lives. Her clients, whether new or old, are part of her life and she enjoys keeping in touch with them not only through the buying and selling phase but afterwards as well.

    She has made her home in South Jersey and loves the South Jersey/Philadelphia area. She raised her son in Haddonfield where she settled for 25 years. She is familiar with the various townships and understands why so many people love living here.

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