Real Estate Advisor, Consultant, MatchMaker

    Going above and beyond for my clients is not an exception, but MY rule.

    I grew up in Northern Liberties (Philadelphia) and attended every phase of my scholastic history in Philadelphia (St Peter's Elementary, St Leonard's/JW Hallahan H.S. and PCTS/Philadelphia U/(now) Jefferson University)! I've been a resident of Collingswood NJ for 20+ years. I love this community as well as how it easily connects to all of New Jersey, convenient to major highways, and don't forget easy access to Pennsylvania, Delaware and New York.

    The foundation of my success is based on Respect, Loyalty, Hard work, and a Commitment to my clients and customers. Constant relationship building with sellers, buyers, investors, real estate agents, service providers and local governments is how I support and manage the real estate "puzzle" and how it all comes together! Successful collaboration by all the parties involved is what gets us from Day 1 to Closing Day and a lifelong relationship!

    So a final thought....

    You've heard...." is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get..." Same can be said about Homes and People! Homes and People are unique, ever-changing, and in different phases of their "lives". Ranging from Historic to Updated Renovations to New Construction each with their own story to tell¿just like us - growing....changing...adjusting to life.

    Thank you for letting me be a part of your story!

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