Personal BackgroundI arrived in Washington DC just over 21 years ago. I had been teaching SCUBA with my brother on a boat in the florida keys and decided it was time to make a change. Of course, that winter was and adjustment, but i realized I loved the city and its easy access to the ocean, mountains, Shenandoah valley, and all of the included activites.
    I feel DC and the surrounding area offers a wide ranch of living and social opportunities not availble in most other parts of the country. When looking for the perfect home around DC, my clinets can choose any type of living that meets thier lifestlye. From Condo, to CO-OP, to rowhouse, detached, single family, multiunit, planned community, suburban, urban, farmland, waterfront, and more all within or a stone's throw from the city. My perfect place is "The Hill", since it feels like a town inside the big city! See, something for everyone!

    Business Philosophy
    My goal is to provide my clients with the utmost respect and best service possible to help ensure that their transaction is a success. Buying and/or selling property can be very stressful, and i was diligently to keep my clients comfortable and informed so that they can make the best decisions regarding thier transactions.
    Over 95% of my business comes from past clients or client referrals. I am very proud of this since i feel it is an indication of my clients satisfaction with my service.
    Ultimately, I believe success is the feeling a person has at the end of the day, that makes you know you are making the world a better place for your family, friends, clients and self in a manner that gives you pride in the knowledge you acheived these goals is a positive, forthright and honest manner.

    Professional Background
    I have consistantly been a Top Producer for my 15 years with Coldwell Banker. I represent buyers, sellers, firstimers, seasoned veterans, investors, ground-up builders, rehab-ers, large construction efforts, bank sales, estate sales, and the list goes on.
    One of my proudest achievements has been the consultaion, marketing and sales of the condo conversion of a large abondanded old school in NE DC called Lovejoy. A total of 54 units, we participated in the renovation of this historic property from a neglected shell to a vibrant thriving living community, while keeping its historic flavor intact.
    Everyday in Real Estate, is an opportunity to help someone improve their life for the better and i look forward to it each morning when getting out of bed.

    Communities Served
    I am Licensed In DC, MD and Virginia. I work throughout Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Maryland and in the Shenandoah Valley.