I was born in Marietta, GA in March of 1963. Graduated from Will High School, Class of 1981. I married my High School sweetheart in November 1982. I began my career in the real estate industry as a leasing agent at an apartment complex in Smyrna, GA and quickly became Resident Manager for CFS Properties. I was their youngest employee to be entrusted with such a great responsibility. I was elated with my success. Soon after, joining real estate industry, I started my family. Tragedy struck in 1989, as my first husband, Barry, lost his life in a car accident, hit by a drunk driver. Our youngest, Arin was just 3 years old. I didn't give up or give in to my circumstances. Something my parents had instilled in me. We can't help the cards we are dealt and one must work with what they have been given. If anything, suddenly becoming the sole provider, I had no choice but to excel, as little ones were depending on me. I became a Marketing Queen. Everywhere I went, I was "selling" the community and took personal pride in all areas of my occupation. I always strived to keep the apartments, at 100% occupied, as quarterly bonus checks were heftier and lets face it, as a young widow, I needed the extra income to obtain goals, I had set for my family. Thankfully, with the Grace and Mercy of the Good Lord, all that hard work paid off and In 2006 a Real Estate Company in Gainesville wanted lit lo me, to lease homes for their property management division. So after much prayer and guidance, I took on the role with grace, excitement, wearing lipstick and high heels. At this time in my life, I had already met and married, my husband, Jim. We married in November 1999. I did very well leasing homes and met many people, most of which, I am still in contact with today. When the home sales market tanked in 2007, 2008 & 2009, I really excelled. Rental market was booming and in a 12 month period, I had successfully leased and moved in 189 new residents. When the sales market improved, with much guidance and nudging from the Good Lord, I made the decision to switch hats and become a full time realtor. I completed the GA REAL ESTATE Course and obtained GA realtors license in October 2013. With my background, I am confident I can deliver a wealth of knowledge about many aspects real estate. I work with investors, not only to purchase great rental properties, but also have the ability to obtain good qualified tenants for them. Once the tenant is ready for purchase, I work with them to find their perfect first home. I work with empty nesters, to downsize to smaller home and I work well with growing family's who are moving on up, to larger accommodations. I feel I am incredibly blessed to be a realtor. I am a match maker, if you will, I can find you the perfect home, to fit your needs and desires for whichever stage of life, you are about to enter.

    Local Expertise
    WHO knows this area better than I? As I have lived in North GA, my entire life. I have never lived where it was long distance to call my Daddy! I will work with you to find the right home to suite your needs and desires.. I promise to listen to you, to find out your desires in a home, including any neighborhood amenities, location, price and other needs, that matter only to you. As your Realtor, I bring a wealth of knowledge about our community and the home buying, leasing and selling process. I PROMISE to strive to provide exceptional service every step of the way, so I can provide you with a real estate experience that will most definitely exceeds your expectations.

    Selling Your Home
    When it's time for you to move, you need me, who will market your home, negotiate on your behalf, and get you top dollar, so you will carry more dollars into your future home. I promise take care of everything you need, from start to close and make it as painless as possible. We all know moving can be stressful but I am here to get you to your next level.