Youssef Kenzi is an experienced and knowledgeable agent who strives to create client relationships built on trust and confidence. His business philosophy is built entirely upon referrals from clients who are completely satisfied with the professional care and service they receive. Before entering the world of Real Estate, Youssef held many management positions in hospitality business working for some of the best five star hotels in the industry such as the Breakers and the Ritz-Carlton, which helped him, refine his skills in customer service, marketing and problem solving. Youssef enjoys speaking three languages, English, French, and Arabic which gives him the advantage of being able to work with people from Canada, France, Middle East and other parts of the world. He is a graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University with a master's degree in business administration which enhanced his business management and negotiation skills.

    When not busy with buyers and sellers, Youssef enjoys watching and playing soccer and loves to travel and spend time with his wife Amal and his two precious daughters, Ouassima, Awena and Israa.