I look at real estate as an investment. Whether it is your first home, building the dream home, or securing an investment property with a good rate of return, I can help. My philosophy is if real estate is where we sink most of our funds, let's make it profitable. Real estate can be a key to financial freedom. I think it's critical to purchase a property that's going to appreciate in the long-term, as well as suit your needs for the present.


    Where did I gain this investment mindset? When I was growing up, real estate was a dinner conservation since my grandparents owned a triplex. When I was a teenager, I began helping with the rentals; painting, staging, marketing, showing, and helping select tenants.


    I attended college at Florida State University and graduated with a double major in education and biology. I knew teaching wasn't going to allow me the financial freedom I desired, so I made sure my first property purchase included room for rental income. I taught science for 17 years before leaving education to focus on raising my own children. Although real estate investments were always in the background, they shifted to the foreground upon leaving my career. My hand in managing family properties, overseeing the sale of properties, and research in new ventures grew dramatically. I really enjoyed the property search aspect so much that I decided to make the jump to real estate as my full time job. 


    In my free time, I focus on fitness, family, friends, and faith formation. I enjoy running, weightlifting and yoga. I love any outdoor adventure with my children and entertaining. I also treasure my time volunteering in the youth programs at my church.