Peter C. Gittens has been a resident of Florida for 15 years. He lived most of his life in NYC but the warm climate attracted him to the Sunshine State. His fascination lead him to take mini vacations to Florida where he would visit various home builders and look at model homes. During these trips he promoted homes and builders in Florida before he even moved there. His glowing praise of the state's real estate prompted several families to move to Florida. Many of the builders thought that he was a realtor because he would frequent their businesses with different people and was very familiar with their models and floor plans as well as their competing builders. For years his friends and family told him that he had the skills to be a great realtor. His love for Florida real estate and his honest belief that he could add value to the market spurred him to commit to the industry. He is overjoyed when he helps someone find their next dream home or accomplish what seemed to be an overwhelming Real Estate transaction. Peter likes peppermint tea in the morning on the lanai and smooth jazz with dinner in the evening.

    He believes that every client is unique in their own way.

    He will listen to customer's requests intently and work tirelessly to help them buy or sell their next home.

    Peter is dedicated to¿

    Helping you achieve success after success.