I started my career as a Paralegal which opened the doors to R.E. and helped me extensively in the world of real-estate contracts. I ventured off to Commercial/Residential/Banking which is my specialty as a seasoned agent with over 30 years experience.

    Although I specialize in Miami-Dade and Broward County I also have taken a leap through-out the state of Florida and Florida Keys thanks to my

    loyal repeated customers.

    My success has been simple..... committed dedication to each customer. Whether it is a rental, sale, purchase or in need of financing I'm here to give you 110% of assistance to make the transaction as smooth as possible.

    I have learned that stepping out of my comfort zone has been the most rewarding experience of all. It has given me the opportunity to bond and build forever repeated business.

    With extraordinary tools being provided in today's ever fast paced market I am blessed to work with a Company that works hand in hand with you to connect , provide and deliver.

    I am here to assist in all your Real-Estate needs and make your goals a reality.