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    Having grown up around, working in, and eventually creating her own small business, Airiel is acutely aware of the power in building relationships; not simply within the immediate unit of familiars, but from as many corners as possible. Joining forces with her husband and 4th Generation McCloudian, Kevin Dalton, Airiel is exceedingly driven to support her people and their township, in which she plans to raise a family, advocate civic involvement, and foster its continuous beautification. Maintaining an active attendance to local clubs' and committee meetings ensure she can adeptly inform clients and neighbors on the town's agenda. Living in McCloud with a formidable personal and professional sphere, many of whom are prominent local entrepreneurs, Airiel maintains a recognized presence to help facilitate Buyers and Sellers, negotiating connections and offering diverse perspective. This fervent passion ensures you can always count on her to be working for you 24/7/365!

    Boasting dual-licenses as a California and Hawaii REALTOR®, Airiel arrives equipped to tap into the investor communities that toggle between the magical Islands and all hamlets surrounding our majestic Mount Shasta. Having spent a childhood in Sacramento, and an adulthood in five other states, even Italy, this mountain girl possesses the moxie needed to adapt to all manner of environments as well as the finesse required to represent all manner of transactions.

    Airiel began her real estate career as Administrative and Property Manager at Lake Almanor Brokers in Plumas County, on the shores of the very waters that spellbound her parents to become homeowners in her youth. Prior to joining Coldwell Banker Mountain Gate Properties, Airiel primarily operated out of Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties office in Kailua where she still hangs her Hawaii license. In the Spring of 2016, Kevin was offered a Forensic Archaeologist position for the Department of Defense, prompting the duo's to Oahu's metropolis of Honolulu. Throughout the U.S., as well as in Southeast Asia and Europe, Kevin led surveys and excavations in the recovery of fallen MIA/POW military heroes. For nearly a decade prior, Kevin oversaw the CSU, Chico Archaeology Laboratory, in addition to teaching anthropology and archaeology courses. It was on Chico State's campus that the couple met in their shared department. Many clients delight in discovering Airiel devoted almost a decade to archaeology and museum conservation before settling on her passion for "Realty Matchmaking."

    Airiel's philosophy is to motivate and educate clients, adding value to their lives and a sense of control during what can be a perplexing task. Real estate is often people's largest transaction, and homes still represent one of humans' most basic and important possessions.

    Airiel looks forward to tackling outreach projects with the McCloud Chamber and the Heritage Junction Museum, demonstrating sensitivity to the Local voice, while showcasing resourcefulness to achieve win-win solutions. Her goal is to provide a high level of service based upon professionalism and compassion whether you're a Buyer, Seller, or simply a neighbor! Her firm, Coldwell Banker Mountain Gate Properties, hosts a colorful group with wide ranging interests yet united in their commitment to teamwork. Coldwell Banker agents stand apart, demonstrating extensive training and exceptional accessibility since 1977, earmarking the family-owned business as one of the oldest realty offices in the County.

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    Dan & Emily gave Airiel 5 stars out of 5
    Airiel is nothing less than Amazing. Her professionalism, responsiveness, brilliant mind, empathy, and real estate wizardry combined with her positive energy helped make our dreams come true - literally! 150 out of 10 stars!
    Wes gave Airiel 5 stars out of 5
    If you want the BEST person to represent you and your property in a sale, it would be Airiel Scotti, in Siskiyou County. The results speak for themselves. Within a few DAYs, not weeks, I get an offer above asking price, and closed quickly in these strange Covid-19 days. Thank you Airiel. This one and one more to go!
    Wes gave Airiel 5 stars out of 5
    If you want the BEST person to represent you and your property in a sale, it would be Airiel Scotti, in Siskiyou County. The results speak for themselves. Within a few DAYs, not weeks, I get an offer above asking price, and closed quickly in these strange Covid-19 days. Thank you Airiel. This one and one more to go?
    Melissa gave Airiel 5 stars out of 5
    Five stars are not enough. Airiel is a gem, we were so lucky to find her. In addition to her professional skills she is kind, thoughtful, charming and a pleasure to work with.
    Melissa gave Airiel 5 stars out of 5
    Five stars are not enough. Airiel is a gem, we were so lucky to find her. In addition to her professional skill she is very kindhearted, personable, charming and a delight to do business with.
    Teresa gave Airiel 5 stars out of 5
    Airiel is brilliant, bright, genuine, attentive professional who was an absolute pleasure to work with. I have been through 4 round-trips buying & selling a home. I was incredibly lucky to have come across this gem this time. Her communication style was thorough and clear. She did a great job negotiating on my behalf. I never felt that any of my ideas weren't important. If we ever needed to circle back around on an idea or question it was rapid. It was evident that she had great rapport working with the other agent, her broker, or any odds-and-ends it takes to sell a house. I would highly recommend Airiel for your home-owning investment adventure.
    Chris gave Airiel 5 stars out of 5
    Ariel is a very knowledgeable realtor. She walked me through the entire buying process and was always available to answer any questions I had, which were many. She is very professional, but is also low pressure and friendly.
    Jeneale gave Airiel 5 stars out of 5
    To anyone looking for a realtor, I can highly recommend Airiel Scotti. Here is why! Airiel represented me, as seller, for approximately 1 year. This culminated in a sale in which Airiel performed as a dual agent representing both buyer (out-of-area) and seller. As escrow proceeded, so did the Corona Virus. Some of Airiel's strengths are her: Quality of Work ~ This strength is what first caught my interest when searching for a realtor to sell my house. I researched local agent's listing and completed sales. Airiel's listings were beautifully staged, photographed, and a great literary effort was made in their written descriptions. Airiel's sale prices were consistently closer to list prices than other agent's listings. These issues (my listing/advertising and my eventual sale price) were huge to me. I wanted an agent who would effectively market my house and attain the best possible financial outcome. Professionalism ~ Airiel knows where her legal line is as far as what she can and cannot do for you as her client. She explains the purpose of that legal line and adheres to the line, thus keeping your transaction out of difficult waters. If you have ever been in such 'difficult waters' before, you have a great appreciation for this professionalism. Availability ~ Airiel seemed to be available 24/7. Though I tried not to use that, it was assuring to feel and know it was there. Responsiveness ~ Airiel's responsiveness was instant! Be it phone, text, or e-mail, she seemed to be doing her job at every hour. Sensitivity & Respect ~ Selling a home can be plagued with good and bad emotions of which Airiel was acutely aware of and sensitive to.
    Brandon gave Airiel 5 stars out of 5
    Airiel is an amazing realtor and friend. I say friend as through the process of buying our home that is exactly what Airiel has become. The entire process from start to finish was as smooth and streamline as could be. Airiel was always helpful and had the answers we needed. She negotiated on our behalf and we received an amazing deal via her efforts. Once the process of escrow started Airiel kept us informed and provided us with several industry recommendations that helped us tremendously. Beyond that, after we closed, Airiel showed even further dedication and commitment with a welcome packet to our new home. Detailed documents of the whole process wrapped up and presented as a gift. (Not required but very much appreciated.) AMAZING! You wont find a better Realtor.
    Milena gave Airiel 5 stars out of 5
    Airiel was a true pleasure to work with. I wish I can give all of my assets to her! She is smart, professional, friendly, has excellent communication skills and sold our parcel the fastest out of all agents who listed this previously! She always looked out for our best interest. I'm so happy I found her online. It was her great reviews that made me want to work with her. I truly hope to work with her again and again!
    Alice gave Airiel 5 stars out of 5
    Airiel is awesome, super patient and kind and happy to answer all questions. We were really glad to be lucky enough to gave her helping with our land purchase. Would highly recommend to all. (:
    David gave Airiel 5 stars out of 5
    Airiel Scotti provided world class service . She was always available. She used all available tools to promote and inform the general pubic our house was for sale . Airiel has ideas that most agents don't even use or know about . She works day and night and is extremely dedicated to her work and to the client. We are truly blessed to have had such a fine young lady to help us on our journey. We sold our house to a great couple that loves our previous home and we received a very fair price . I would highly recommend Airiel to anyone who is looking for a very qualified agent and a wonderful person . With gratitude and admiration for Airiel and her dedication to excellent service my wife and I will always be grateful. David and Michele Orluskie .
    Angela gave Airiel 5 stars out of 5
    Once my family and I made the decision to relocate from San Diego County to Siskiyou County we researched and found several properties online that we wanted to see, but no realtor to help us. I worked with Coldwell Banker in the past and happy to find an office located in Mt. Shasta, so I gave them a call. Luck was on our side because Airiel Scotti happened to answer the phone that day. I could tell she was a bit apprehensive and unsure if I was serious or not, but she was more than happy to quickly line up showings for those properties and had sent us an itinerary before we arrived into town! Over tea, coffee, and hot chocolate Airiel told my girls and I all about the town, potential employment opportunities, the college, and what living in the area was like in comparison to living in a big city. Upon viewing some house we fell in love with one of them and she was able to make arrangements for us to view it a second time along with another house that was comparable to it. Since the purchase was to be a joint venture with my mom, who wasn't able to join us, we FaceTimed the second viewing with her. Fast forward a few weeks later, we made the 12 hour journey along with my mom to meet Airiel and to view the house again on a Tuesday. By Thursday Airiel helped us submit an offer, followed up by a counter offer and an acceptance on Friday! Even though this was a long distance home purchase, Airiel kept in contact with us daily with updates and ensure we met deadlines. She was always available when we had any concerns or questions whatsoever. Airiel was extremely organized, professional, and knowledgeable. As closing day came around, we packed up our belongings from storage (which a lot of our furnishings were destroyed by critters) and made our way up North to begin our new life chapter! Upon arrival to our new home, Airiel had numerous essentials (food, firewood, and personal items) to help us get through the initial days! For her thoughtfulness and generosity I am beyond grateful! We've been in our home for nearly a month now and Airiel is still following up with us and has connected us with community resources as well as with people who have helped us with furnishings! Airiel knows her community and real estate business like no other realtor I've ever worked with before! I will be forever thankful that she was the one who answered my phone call that afternoon!
    Angela gave Airiel 5 stars out of 5
    Without hesitation, we highly recommend Airiel Scotti for any real estate transaction! Buying and purchasing can be a roller coaster ride but Airiel proactively worked with us to ensure our experience was smooth as possible. We found her knowledge, professionalism, and high ethical standards exceptionally refreshing.
    Robert gave Airiel 5 stars out of 5
    Airiel Scotti review 04/23/19 Airiel was our listing agent for the recent sale of our family residence in McCloud. The transaction was made more difficult because none of our family currently resides within 200 miles of McCloud. She was an astute representative from the time she introduced herself to us until the sale almost 6 months later. During that period, she was attentive to our needs as sellers, and accommodating to prospective buyers. Late November is probably not the best time of year to list a house in McCloud, but she worked hard at it including overseeing a plumbing repair, regulating the heat for each showing, shoveling snow, and assuring the house was in the best possible condition for showing. In spite of the winter weather, she generated many showings and half a dozen offers and counteroffers before we consummated a sale. Through the whole period, she maintained superb communication of what was going on, both in the McCloud market and for our specific property. She also was patient and thorough in explaining the details of the voluminous paperwork through the whole process. I cannot imagine how she could have been more conscientious and good humored throughout the entire process. I now count on her remaining a friend, and being my local expert on McCloud real estate. Robert Stoner
    Martin & Carolyn gave Airiel 5 stars out of 5
    This is the third house that Airiel has helped us buy and so I can speak with some authority when I say she is the most dedicated realtor I've ever met. The market here is very competitive and it was her speed and knowledge that enabled us to have the winning offer in all cases. Airiel sincerely cares about people and both buyer and seller have come away feeling very positive about the interaction. I recommend her wholeheartedly!
    Mike gave Airiel 5 stars out of 5
    I live in Colorado with a need to sell my property in McCloud, California. Really not knowing where to turn, one day, out of the blue, I received in the mail, a handwritten letter from Airiel Scotti inquiring about the opportunity to assist me in what need i might have with the property. Did I mention it was handwritten, and she not only presented me with real estate market information but historical information about my house, about my family, their immigrant journey to California and McCloud past, present and future. I knew right there, that moment, that Airiel was my California agent. I've been buying and selling homes for over 40 years and if you want an agent that offers the best service necessary with a knowledgeable, professional and personal touch in getting you the best results possible, than Airiel Scotti is that agent. I highly recommend Airiel in helping you with all of your real estate needs. Thank you Airiel for everything you've done for me and my family.

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