Make Real Estate Fireworks When you Build!

    Make Real Estate Fireworks When you Build!

    Jul 03, 2018

    If you are considering building or buying a home that you plan to live in for a while, make sure you get what you want! Especially in the building process it's important to select the options that are most practical and that you will utilize the most. Think about how your family will "live" in the home.

    I have clients tell me they will wait on items such as decks, patio, the extra bathroom, or upgrading the size of their shower only to save the item for a DIY project in the upcoming months. Then in a few years they call me to list their home. That's when I find out that they never got around to the project. The project could have really made that home more enjoyable or would have allowed them to entertain in the home.

    My years of professional and personal experience have shown that it's best to get what you want! Do it up front in the process and move on. Most of us think we will have plenty of time to finish a project but we never truly get around to it.

    My clients that upgrade or add the items that are most practical, are typically the happiest in their homes. I say, get what you want. Especially why the money you borrow is cheap. It's often better to finance the project rather than come up with the cash for the project later on.....And who has time for large projects unless you just don't work that many hours or have many obligations???

    So when you think about building that home and the builders option is just a little more expensive than doing it yourself.....think of my advice and just select the option. You'll enjoy the extra time you have to spend doing what you love.

    Until next time....