Why I'm the right Realtor for you

    Why I'm the right Realtor for you

    Jun 26, 2021

    Navigating through the home sale and purchase process can be frightening and an emotional roller-coaster. You have read articles about what to do and expect, yet the process is very stressful. This is why you need a good realtor on your side. It is my job to provide advice and guidance and assist with tasks such as visiting the right homes for you that best match your needs and budget.


    What makes me the right realtor for you? My understanding of the real estate market and my vested interest in you. 


    Now, let’s talk about some of the recent hot topics you might have read about surrounding the market:


    Lumber Prices:

    National Association of Realtors reports the price of lumbar is starting to stabilize. This is a good sign for builders, and those remodeling their homes.  It means the price of materials has become constant allowing people to stay within budget on their project.


    In 2020 the world turned upside down. We had disruptions in the delivery of goods, including home construction goods. Materials became very much in demand, and that drove the price upward and reduced the inventory at hand. The good news is that as the State opens up, production and distribution of materials is slowly going back to normal, and stabilizing.


    Big Cities Exodus:

    With the number of vaccinations nearing herd community in California, the exodus from the big cities to rural areas is nearing its end. In the first quarter of 2021, the State of California saw 47.8% of inbound moves and 52.2% outbound.


    Why did this happen? Because of the pandemic and ability to work remotely, wealthy city dwellers wanted to get out to the rural areas where they had more space and fresh air.


    As the State opens up, though, and companies are going back to in-person work, people are returning. This will continue to impact real estate for the remainder of 2021.

    Looking to Buy a Home?

    According to Realtor Magazine, buyers are becoming more educated about the market. As a realtor, however, it is my job to know the neighborhood, as well as the schools and amenities of the area. More importantly, to help you find the right home that is below your means, but above your needs. This takes time. You shouldn't rush into buying a home, especially, if you're a first-time buyer. Your home is not just an investment. It’s where you live. Feel comfortable and secure. 

    Why am I the right Realtor?

    I am not a salesperson, but a service provider. I help clients find the right home that is best suited for them.