Need Help With Foreclosure?

    Need Help With Foreclosure?

    Oct 21, 2017

    Here is Your Timeline For Foreclosure and How to Extend it.

    Understanding your timeline for foreclosure is a very important step in delaying foreclosure. The timeline lasts from the point where you miss your first mortgage payment to when you are evicted from your home. Without help with foreclosure or without the use of delaying tactics, your timeline will be no more than half of a year.

    When you miss a mortgage payment, you can expect a phone call from your bank within several days. And if you ignore your lender, after a month or two of missed calls and unanswered letters, you will receive a notice of foreclosure. This is the time when most homeowners start looking for help with foreclosure.

    You will have less then a month to require a court hearing which, by the way, is nearly impossible to win. Most everyone who brings their case in front of a judge against foreclosure will lose their hearing. So do not expect to win here, but remember this could be an strategy to delay the timeline for foreclosure for many months.

    Once you lose your case, the judge gives the bank the authority to begin foreclosure on your house. At this point the bank can sell your house at auction, and you will be required to vacate your home in approximately one to two weeks.

    If you need help with foreclosure, another very effective strategy to extend your timeline for foreclosure is to revise your closing papers to find errors . Over 60% of housing closing contracts have many errors on it. This can be used to delay the foreclosure process for many months, and you don’t need the help of an attorney to do this, you can do it yourself.

    Many homeowners will become evicted in a short timeline of less than 6 months, but when homeowners know how to properly fight their lenders, they can keep their homes for over three years once the process of foreclosure begins.

    If you don’t try to find help with foreclosure or to learn ways to fight foreclosure on your own your timeline for foreclosure will be very short

    When you find yourself in the process of foreclosure, you will be given a number of foreclosure options, but not many of them will help you in stopping foreclosure, and some may even cause you to lose your home faster.

    Foreclosure is a process and there are ways for you to delay that process and stay in your home mortgage-free for a few years even if you do not qualify for The Obama’s Loan Modification Plan or any other Program, even if you have not income at all. Unfortunately, most people don’t know about the many tactics and strategies available for fighting foreclosure.

    To stop foreclosure and stay in your home is of up-most importance not only because it can potentially save you thousands of dollars, but because it will ensure that you maintain the ability to qualify for future programs.