Jan 18, 2018

    Real Estate is a fun and rewarding career. It gives you unlimited opportunity to succeed at whatever pace you choose and provides the extraordinary ability to change or impact families lives. Many experts have their own opinion on the characteristics, education levels, etc. that are suppose to be the foundation of a successful agent. My 45 year career in this business has taken me through all of these and brought me back to a very simple but proven fact. You can be successful in real estate if you are honest, do what you say, have a work ethic, and have a passion to help people. That’s it folks.

    If you have an interest in real estate as a career, just take it one step at a time. First thing is you have to complete a State approved real estate course which is typically around 90 hours. This can be done online or in live classes. Many are attracted to the online course due to the reduced cost and flexible schedule. Once you pass the school exam you will take the State test. Normally, this can be accomplished in 30–60 days. At this point, you will be a legal licensed agent of your State within a few days (typically). Now…the real estate school’s only goal is for you to pass the state test…not to make you a successful real estate agent. The Company you affiliate with has the responsibility to insure you are adequately trained. When considering companies, there are three things to shop for: Commission structure, required monthly expenses, and support. You should want a company that gives hands-on training and always has someone available to support 24/7.

    I’m always available to answer any questions or support in any way. Feel free to email. 


    Darryl Beasley

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    Broker/Owner of Coldwell Banker Group One Realty

    Radio Show Host of “Let’s Talk Real Estate”