About our Broker & Owner

    About our Broker & Owner

    Jan 12, 2018

    Darryl Beasley grew up a poor Oklahoma boy, starting to work the fourth grade to earn money to help his single mom buy food for the family. Now, he owns the number one real estate company in northeastern Louisiana.

    Darryl has never been afraid of hard work, and appreciates a challenge. He voluntarily enlisted to go to Vietnam and enjoyed the experience.

    For his service in the U.S. Marine Corps, Beasley received the Purple Heart, Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, and Bronze Star. Upon completion of his tour of duty, he used the G.I. Bill to help pay for college.

    Mr Beasley is possibly one of the few people who graduated college with honors without ever having graduated high school. While in college, he worked at a bakery at night and a real estate company during the day when he wasn't in class.

    Beasley's hard work paid off. After learning the ropes of mortgage banking, he opened his own mortgage and investment business in 1988. Eventually, he authored "Everything About Home Loans," sold the company and traveled the country teaching seminars and promoting his book.

    In 1993, he made the decision to pursue real estate once again. He set a personal goal of selling $30 million in his first year. Since he desired to be the number one real estate company he named his new business, "Group One". He eventually hired two personal assistants to take care of the paperwork.

    In 1996, he started his radio show, "Lets Talk Real Estate". His radio show aired for 15 years straight on a local AM station, KMLB/540AM. Darryl would have top local and national guests, take phone calls, and discuss real estate throughout his local market.

    In 2001, Group One Realty affiliated with Coldwell Banker.

    The entire family of employees was apart of the unanimous decision to align ourselves with Coldwell Banker, the number one real estate franchise in the country. The company realized the importance of branding, national presence, improved technology and support. Group One Realty has shown steady growth ever year since 2001, up to and including the remarkable 2005 with 15 percent increase in sales volume over 2004.

    Group One had $190 million in sales in 2005. Beasley said the hard times of his youth motivate him to keep working hard, sharing his expertise and helping others.

    In 2004, Darryl received his private pilot's license. He initially pursued his pilot's license in order to visit his mother in Oklahoma. Now, he uses his private plane for both business and personal trips.

    Now, in 2018 Coldwell Banker Group One Realty has 11 full-time support staff, including technology, sign shop, graphics and business development personnel who take care of office business so that the agents can concentrate on taking care of our customers. Our best asset is our staff. Group One Realty averages 150 professional real estate agents a year. In the past twelve years, this business has made $2.02 Billion dollars (in sales).