Home Office Tips

    Home Office Tips

    Jul 07, 2020

    The Long Beach market is heating up again with more sellers now putting their home into the pool of homes for sale. COVID 19 taught us a few things about real estate.

    1.     People still need to buy and sell homes during a pandemic AND they will.

    2.     Home offices are more important than they have been in the past.

    3.     A home with outdoor space is hot commodity.

    Keeping this in mind, what are some tips for designing your new home office space? Whether you have a home office now or are looking for a home with a space for a home office. These tips could help. Like real estate, home offices are all about location, function, look and feel and views.

    Let us start with location. Look for a space that does not have a high traffic flow and has space for you to move. Do you need space for clients to stop in? Or, will it be just you utilizing your space? Do you need noise to be productive or do you need quiet? Answering these questions will help you determine the best location for your home office.

    What about function? Sure, you want your home office to look good, but it also needs to function efficiently. It should complement the style of your home not necessarily scream out “hey this is office space.” Look for furniture pieces that are functional and stylish at the same time. Add artistic pieces or even sleek, contemporary home office furniture. The sky’s the limit on the looks you can create. Let it be your style but include storage and functionality. Also, do not skimp on the office chair. You are going to be sitting in this chair for many hours of the day. It needs to be comfortable. When it comes to functional design do not be afraid to think vertically. Most home offices do not have a lot of space. Shelves on walls and storage cubes can really help you gain the extra storage you need without cluttering up your desk.

    Let us talk look and feel. The walls do not have to be boring. If this is a separate room in the house, it is even easier to make it customized. You can paint the walls in bright, cheery color to get your motivation flowing or maybe your personality bodes well with a calming color to get you moving? Remember, it is all about your preferences.

    Those views though. Remember how it felt to be back at the office and you take a moment away from the computer to help focus and gain clarity on your project? You will have those same moments at home. Give yourself a view, whether it is a view out the window or an inspiring piece of art. Art for your home office can really optimize your productivity. If you are putting your computer monitor by the window to soak in that natural sunlight be sure it is positioned to not be subject to window glare.

    Lastly, make it your own. It is your space. You will be working there for many hours. Let it inspire you. Inspiration causes more motivation than boring and hum drum. A happier space makes for a happier you.

    Do you not have a home office and now you realize you really need more space? I can help you find it. Whether we need to sell your current home and buy a new home or you are a first time home buyer, let’s get you in a space that makes you feel more at home even while working. Reach out, my email is peggy.castle@outlook.com. It would be my honor to help you.