I first became interested in real estate when, at the age of six, I found the nest of a Winter Wren (a tiny bird) deep in the woods.... seriously. No one is more vocal about their real estate needs than birds! Around that same time, my mother and I spent summer Saturdays visiting open houses in the rapidly growing suburbs of Seattle, just for fun, my mother often pointing out signs of shoddy workmanship in the new developments that were exploding throughout the region during that era.

    Before finally entering the working world of real estate, I first honed my skills as a facilitator and director of wilderness adventure programs for adults and youth. Beyond learning how to start a fire by rubbing sticks together and follow the tracks of wildlife, this work truly developed the unique skills I bring to the real estate table today. From complex project management and attention to detail, to deep listening skills, to a clear head and heart for guiding people through major life transitions, my unique background makes me the agent you want beside you through the major financial transaction and life decision that is inherent in buying or selling property.

    When I am not facilitating real estate transactions, I am most likely to be found outside. I may be playing in my garden, or following along on a snowmobile behind my daughter and her team of sled dogs, or best of all out and about on foot, following animal tracks and looking for bird nests.

    But I'll come out of the woods for you!! I truly look forward to helping you with your real estate needs.