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Best Places to Live

List of Best Places to Live From Coldwell Banker®

Welcome to the Coldwell Banker Real Estate Best Places to Live guide, which includes helpful information for thousands of U.S. cities. Instead of sorting them traditionally by region or price, these lists were created to suit people's interests and personalities.

These lists of Best Places to Live will allow you to explore different areas all across the country based on your personal preferences.

Cities That Fit Your Lifestyle

Booming Suburbs

In addition to more space, peace and quiet, a perfect life in the suburbs includes good opportunities for steady employment. Booming Suburbs takes a closer look at the Best Places for Suburbanites list, to identify the communities with all the amenities of a top suburb and positive employment trends and an increasing employed population. The top Booming Suburbs are places with single family homes, backyards for barbeques and unemployment rates lower than the national average, where residents can work hard and enjoy the best of the suburban lifestyle.


Suburbanites prefer a little more space, and a lot more peace and quiet, than the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether looking to settle down or raise a family, they like to spend time at backyard barbecues and soccer games, and want to be near good schools with easy access to amenities such as grocery stores and banks. Size matters, and a spacious backyard is important, as are community safety and the affordability of gasoline.

Social Seekers

Social Seekers are hip, trendy and fun at heart. This group wants to live near the newest restaurants and all the action. They would rather go out than stay home any night of the week. Whether starting a career or enjoying the freedom of not being tied down, they are looking for affordability and accessibility. They would take a rooftop terrace over a big backyard any day of the week, and give top scores to public transportation.